• We Inspire

    Homebuilding is a very conventional industry that remains rooted to it’s antiquity.  What inspires us is creating a home that fits the needs of our clients today, not yesterdays homebuyer.   Creating a home you can move into without having to improve anything motivates us.  This motivation is a direct result of being inspired to create a better way to live through homebuilding.

  • We are Innovative

    We study the industry, attending national trade shows and tech conventions twice yearly.  We stay privy to what are affordable and available improved options to better our homes. We do this humbly because unlike most builders we strive to innovate and adapt to the rapidly changing times.  You will find standard upgrades that don’t exist in other homes, home automation features that other builders haven’t heard of yet, spacious floorplans, storage options, four car garages, as well as the little things like retractable usb outlets in the kitchen islands that set our homes apart.

  • We are Efficient

    Because one of our owners is an in-house and hands on General Contractor, having contracted over a hundred homes, we have the insight that allows for workplace efficiency.  Unlike other builders, we don’t sub-contract important duties such as framing, tile setting, and quality control.  By doing the work in-house we become more efficient and with that efficiency comes higher quality.   Our jobsites are so well optimized we often finish ahead of time and under budget.  When we are ahead of time and under budget, so are you!