One of the most advanced features available to home buyers today is a whole home automation system that utilizes smart home technology to remotely control security, climate, and entertainment in your home. At Y&R Homes in Reno, Nevada we offer a home automation that is both affordable and state of the art.
Your Home… at the Touch of a Button

With remote home management, you can control many functions in and around your house from nearly any location. With internet access and a smart device you can control nearly anything in your home.

  • Check on your security system
  • Control your homes temperature
  • Turn televisions or fans on/off
  • Receive an alert when your children arrive home from school
  • Lock doors remotely
  • Unlock a door for a neighbor to make a house call
  • Turn lights on or off
  • Monitor Energy consumption

With this feature enabled, many worries of home ownership are eliminated.
Smart Home Technology…

Just as with our other energy efficient features such as ENERGY STAR appliances and advanced air filtration systems, Y&R homes offers home automation to enhance your home to 2015 technology. Why buy a house in 2015 that will be obsolete in 3 years? Smart home technology is just another part of the craftsmanship and service that you can expect from Y&R Homes.

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