Open The Door To A Greener Home

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Greener Homes

Making your home green can start with almost any part of your home. Whether you’re building a new home or you’ve lived in the same home for 30 years, you can make your home more environmentally friendly and save some money along the way. Making a greener home can be as simple as changes to how you light your home or go to as wild as having a roof with vegetation growing on it providing insulation, reducing storm runoff, and filtering pollutants. There are so many opportunities to make your home a bit greener which not only helps your financially … Read More

The Reno Housing Market and You

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Over the last several years the Reno housing market has seen it all. Extreme highs and extreme lows. But what is happening now? And where is the market going? Well first let me say that the buyers market is coming to an end. Home sales are decreasing and prices are on the rise. After the market crash in 2008 there was a large inventory of homes in the area that sat vacant. Foreclosure rates went through the roof which only added to the already large inventory of homes. Due to the large supply we saw the price of homes drop … Read More

Home Automation And Why You Need It

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Home Automation

Do you own a home? Are you looking to buy one? Something you should keep in mind is having your home automated. We are in 2015, don’t you think it’s time we start living like it? Flipping a light switch or coming home to a house that’s too hot, are all things of the past. By having an automated home, you can change the channel on your TV, adjust the temperature, turn lights on or off, and so much more all from your smartphone. Not only is having a smart home convenient, it adds security, saves you time, and it … Read More

Why You Should Buy A New Home Over A Used One

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New Home vs Old Home

When you’re looking to buy a house you have to decide whether to buy a new home or a used one. With used homes selling for an average rate of 16% less than new homes, many, especially first time buyers, lean towards a used home. What many fail to account for is, costs that accrue after you buy a used home to fix it up to better suit your needs. While you may get what seems like a deal on a used home, you may end up paying more than you would have had you bought new. The costs to … Read More

5 Questions To Ask Your Future Home Builder

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home builder

At some point in your life you will most likely make a decision to buy a new house, whether it’s with a bunch of friends, settling down with a family, or you happen to be quite well off and need a house just for your pets. Whatever the case may be, before you buy you will want to find a reputable builder for your new home. These questions will help you find the builder that will bring to life that house you’ve been dreaming of for so long. 1.   How long have you been building homes? When Choosing a … Read More

What You Didn’t Know About Prairie Style Houses

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When most people hear prairie style house, they might jump to the idea of a simple house out on the prairie with a white picket fence around it, somewhere in the Midwest. This type of house is a prairie house, however it is what the original style looked like. The prairie style house is a bit different than that, they are designed to blend with the flat landscape of a prairie as well as have open interior spaces. “The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before … Read More

Wine and Cheese Open House at Montreux

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6745 De Chardin Ln, Reno, NV 89511 4558 Sq. Ft. Chateauesque Style Home 4 Bed, 4 Full, 1 Half Bath $1,799,000 Open House Wine and Cheese Event! Wednesday May 27th 4pm-7pm York and Reynen Homes will be hosting a wine and cheese event in our brand new custom home in Montreux! This evening will provide an opportunity to familiarize yourself with this one of a kind property and the team who built it. Delicious artisanal cheeses will be paired with wine to make for a memorable occasion. Please join us for this unique event and opportunity. Please RSVP on or … Read More

New Construction Progress

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If you ever wanted a pink house, you should see one that has fresh floor sealant applied.    Not only is the fragrance powerful, but also the bright fuscia-like color.   It is quite impressive in so many ways.   It certainly invites flooring to cover up the bright sealant.   Progress is seen during construction everyday.   While this bright pink sealant is a bit of an eyesore today, tomorrow it will be a beautiful wood stamped tile.   It is truly remarkable to see these masterpieces come together.   It takes a team of dedicated individuals to dream, manage, construct, and eventually sell to a … Read More

Velux Solar Tubes

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Thanks to Burke Roofing and some foresight we illuminated this Junior Master suite with incredible natural light.   I wish I had a before picture to show, but it was so dark the flash literally wiped the photo out making it undesirable to say the least.  I’d say this solar tube makes it highly desirable.  Just another nice feature that separates our homes from the competition.  Transforming space is what we do.  This bathroom went from the dark ages to the Sunshine state with the help of this solar tube.  There is no electricity being used here, just refracted light down a … Read More

New Construction

Christo ReynenYRHomes

This space is being transformed into a stunning natural-esque master bath.  This one of a kind home exists in Arrowcreek, south Reno.  This new construction is of top-notch quality. Cruz doing his thing.